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Kenneth ThompsonI grew up on a Poultry Farm in Northeast Florida. I've been actively involved with Poultry and Poultry Equipment since 1973.

Back then, we did things the old fashioned way, pushing a wheel barrow of feed through the house, putting out feed in hundreds of trays. 2 days later, the work started all over again. It seemed a never ending job.

In 2010, after visiting a booth at the International Poultry show in Atlanta, I walked away with knowledge of a very unique piece of Chick Feeding Equipment. After months of negotiations, the Company decided to let me take the product and run with it.

It's my pleasure to introduce Feed Caddy to the Poultry Industry. I ask all growers to view the video below and see this time and labor saving machine for yourself.

In the near future, I'll be installing representatives all over the Country who will commit to doing demonstrations for the growers in their area, allowing them to see Feed Caddy in action....

If I can answer any questions, call me at:

Kenneth Thompson
Accounts Manager
1 877 598 1904 Office
904 334 3654 Cell

For an appointment for an Online Skype Sales Meeting, email Kenneth.
Skype address: kenneth.thompson58

Feed Caddy Supplemental

  • Better, more uniform feed distribution
  • Time and Labor savings
  • Prevents starve-outs and reduces mortality
  • Six times more feed coverage
  • Immediate access to feed and water for every bird
  • Reduces feed wastage
  • Versatile hitch for quad or small tractor
  • Feeds chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and game birds
  • > Read the paper from the makers of Feed Caddy.

    Call Ken Thompson, Accounts Manager at 904 334 3654.
    Email: KWT@nefcom.net
    Skype: kenneth.thompson58

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